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OTTO Law & Mediation is an Istanbul-based law and mediation firm.

We, as the team of OTTO, feel great pleasure in sharing our professional legal expertise with our clients and, at the very same time, serving them without compromising universal ethical values.

OTTO is founded on principles of trust, discipline and transparency.

Trust is OTTO’s indispensible principle that shapes all transactions and relations of its team. OTTO informs its clients in detail, documents each and every step of their legal proceedings and provides reports in all processes and for all results.

Discipline is essential and vitally important for success of all phases of legal processes. Within the framework of the discipline principle, OTTO fulfills its responsibilities effectively, systematically and with a spirit of coordinated teamwork.

Transparency is a must for accountability. OTTO treats and informs its clients with utmost care in every phase of their legal proceedings and provides them with updated reports.

We focus on making establishments of new commercial companies and providing them with due and accurate legal consultancy services. In this context, we make sure that the new companies are established in strict accordance with the Turkish legal system. Consultancy services are provided for all companies to operate and grow steadily and without encountering legal problems.

With effective legal consultancy and guidance, our dedicated expert team spends their efforts to provide solutions for many legal cases before they turn into complicated and thus unsolvable legal problems. In the cases in which certain problems inevitably arise, we aim to conclude the case with the least possible damage and the highest benefit. The growth and success of the companies we provide consultancy for do constitute the real sources of pride for us.

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Practice Areas

Safe progress and success in commercial life is only possible with a sound legal basis. For sustainable success in business, we provide the necessary consultancy service.

We provide the necessary legal services for the employees to obtain their rights and for the employers to minimize labor lawsuits and focus on their business.

Resolving disputes through litigation is often quite laborious, costly and risky. It causes a huge waste of time.

We provide the necessary legal support within the framework of human values and professional ethics in separation and divorce processes.

By using modern proceeding tools, we provide legal consultancy and attorney services for our clients to recover their receivables and to avoid unfair demands.

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Practice Areas
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