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In order to ensure stability in commerce, a sound legal basis is indispensable. For sustainable success in business, legal risks shall be minimized with “preventive law” services. In the moments when problems are encountered inevitably, they should be concluded with the least damage, and even with mutual gains if possible.

As Otto Law and Mediation, we would like to emphasize our two perspectives and practice in order to contribute to commercial stability:

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Preventive Legal Services

Our primary goal is to foresee the legal problems that a commercial company may encounter with preventive legal services and to solve these risks at the source. Within this framework, we focus on;

  • Solving problems before they turn into lawsuits,
  • Preparing strong contracts as the basis of the commercial transactions,
  • Examining every document and contract that the company will sign,
  • Increasing the satisfaction level of both the employer and the personnel by arranging the relations of the company with its employees in accordance with the legislation,
  • Providing preventive legal services such as helping the parties to focus on their business by decreasing labor law disputes.


Dispute Management

With the dispute management services, we work to implement the most effective solutions in legal disputes encountered despite all precautions. In this context;

First of all, operating a culture of consensus with a “win-win” logic; supporting the resolution of disputes through alternative solutions such as mediation and arbitration is our basic principle. Thus, the parties of the commercial relations will not harm each other with the lawsuits that have lasted for years, and the burden of the judiciary will be lightened.

At the point where reconciliation options are exhausted, it is of great importance to determine the right legal strategies, especially in the field of commercial law. As Otto Law and Consultancy team, our effort is to resolve commercial disputes in the most effective way and with the most appropriate strategy.

Thus, we aim to contribute to the reliable legal basis that is indispensable for commercial trust and stability.

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Although we try to explain it at length, this issue was already explained briefly and beautifully:

“Justice is the basis of the property.”

- M.K. Ataturk

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