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As OTTO Law and Mediation, our principles and practices in the field of Labor Law are as follows:

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In terms of Employers

According to our experience, the main source of the problems encountered by employers in Turkey in terms of Labor Law is that this area is not given enough importance by companies. Employers pay great attention to the fields of finance and tax, but they overlook the legal preparation and follow-up of employee personal files. For this reason, although they have given the employee’s right properly, they cannot prove it in front of the court. Since the necessary preventive work is not carried out, it is incapable of responding to the unfair and exaggerated demands of some employees.

As a solution to this, we first analyze the preparation of the employer in the sense of Labor Law, identify the deficiencies, and then ensure that the necessary documentation is made in accordance with the law. By providing the necessary training to the human resources and accounting units, we ensure that the personnel files are followed up on a proper basis and regularly. We make the necessary notifications to ensure the rights and receivables of the employees. However, in these ways, a peaceful and productive work environment will be created and the troubles of employers as a result of lawsuits will be minimized.

In terms of Employees

First of all, we conduct a detailed interview with the employee and collect the necessary information about the working conditions. Then, by analyzing this information, we explain the legal solutions that are appropriate for the employee’s situation. In line with the demands and expectations of the employee, we take the necessary steps to resolve the conflict by prioritizing alternative legal dispute resolution methods and the culture of reconciliation.

Shaking hands after a few hours instead of clenching fists over the years means less fatigue and expense, and more happiness. We create the legal basis for these beauties.

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